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DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of your iPhone 5 while keeping it dry and clean. Simply pump out all the air with the easy to use hand pump and the bag will vacuum seal around the iPhone 5 and become completely waterproof.

The air tight seal guarantees that the iPhone 5 will stay dry even when submerged underwater.


Outdoor Tech O. Waterproof iPhone Case. The O. This case is no longer available. But here is an alternative with great reviews on Amazon. Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5. EscapeCapsule for iPhone 5. Price is TBD. We offer a vast variety of iphone 6 camera accessories, ipad accessories, and other smartphone accessories. You can also find the covers and film for iPhone protection against water, dust and shock.

I just need a phone case that I can submerge in water and my phone not be destroyed.

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Like I want to go scuba diving and not have some pouch looking on my phone, a actual waterproof case. Is there one out there??? I have had 2 cases fail. I will never purchase a Lifepeoof case again. I have had the exact same experience with Lifeproof, only I went through 3 cases because each time the case failed it was just under the year warranty mark and finally gave up when the case leaked AGAIN and nearly destroyed my phone.

We bought 16 protective cases from Overboard for our swim school. Incredibly every single case has leaked water and we have actually had irrepairable damage to 10 devices. There seems to be a flaw in the material they use for the pouches resulting in splits at the base of the pouch. We took great care with the pouches and used them only as advised. Another swim school has had similar issues. Very disappointing product but even more disappointing is the fact that the company refused to take any responsibility for the faulty products.

Definitley would not recommnend Overboard Waterproof Cases …. I want people to take a look at the room and the best preference forr interior designing. After completing selection, we go to content aware. You can easily hang one of these murals are extremely affirdable making replacement a breeze.

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If your image is too small and the scale too large, the pattern will get lost. The lifeproof case was was horrible. Not only that, no one could hear because the crappy case somehow blocked the microphone. I will never buy one again. Life proof needs to fix these issues before they sell cases.

The comment above about the plastic screen not fitting correctly is right on. If you are looking for waterproof coating like liquipel , WaterBlock NAno Technology is other option to check.

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Lifeproof case failed after 3 months. The transparent screen would not acknowledge the fingerswipe to hang up a phone call. Very annoying. I would not buy it until they fix that problem for good. Other than that the case seemed pretty good. I bought LifeProof Nuud for iphone5. It is very very nice. Make sure the case is securely closed. I have had the incipio atlas case, the griffin survivor plus case and the life proof case.

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I can say that the best case by far is the lifeproof. The protective screen cover is definitely the most responsive and the best to use after ios7. The griffin was very poor for sound quality on both speaker and mic. When answering the phone I had to open the charging cover so that people could hear me.

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It also caused the phone to give a deafening hi pitched sound when on a call. The incipio was not much better. I did like the the glass screen cover, that was until it fell out of my pocket on to a smooth floor and the glass shattered. This is why I would rate the lifeproof as best! Lifeproof is crap. When I contacted LP they told me that the warranty only protected the plastic and rubber case from water damage, not the contacts, AND the simple act of pulling the phone out of your pocket could cause the case to fail.

I completely agree with your comments. They do not fix or replace your phone despite all of their advertising that makes this case seem waterproof. Life proof FAILS — after 1 year of use it just fell apart and life proof could not be bothered with me as a customer…. I had a lifeproof iPhone 5 case that I only used for running cycling. Last week I mistakenly swam in the sea with it in my pocket.

It was never more than 1 foot deep and was in the water for less than 5 minutes. Case leaked. Phone died! For Extreme sports I prefer the iClam is waterproof down to 30ft and you can adapt a fisheye lens. I followed every direction and when I got it I took the Case and tested it in water for 3 hours, it came out dry but in 2 weeks I put my phone in the pool with the Case and water has leaked thru the speaker holes where the charger hole thing is at.

Mine leaked at the exact same place. Complete design flaw. Do not buy this case. It killed my phone. Life proof case is horrible!!!


When you talk about the top waterproof cases, Griffin Survivor has got all the qualities to walk into the lineup without much effort! What stands out, in this case, is the impressive design that provides the desired protection to your smartphone without making it look bulky.

Powered by IP68 rating, the case is fully capable of protecting your device up to 9. Thanks to the solid built-up, it can also withstand shock and safeguard your device from scratch. Beyond protection, you can pick it in four colors like black, blue, pink and turquoise. Highly durable Check out on Amazon. You can use your iPhone even if you are five meters underwater for one hour. Indulge in your favorite underwater sports and other fun activities, and capture the marine life. This case meets Military Standard F, hence, you can use this case while you are doing underwater activities, skiing, outdoor sports, and other adventures.

With this case on your phone, you can submerge yourself 16 feet underwater. The case is strong enough to endure drops and falls from a height of 6. The lightweight and slim profile have layers of protection for your iPhone. Full-body protection Check out on Amazon.

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To click photos of your aquatic adventures, this case boasts double AR-coated optical glass lenses. With these lenses, you can take crystal-clear photos and video quality. Since the case has a waterproof 3. This waterproof case is made of robust plastic and silicone material to protect your phone against water, dust, dirt, grease, scratches and heavy drops. The cell phone strap allows you to carry this phone conveniently.

AR-coated optical glass lenses Check out on Amazon. Sporting an enviably compact design, it makes an appreciable match with the iPhone. Top-quality TPU material has reinforced the structure and also provides military-grade drop protection to the device. Screen guard offers high transparency and also defends the touchscreen against scrape. Military-grade drop protection Check out on Amazon. Effun has created such a strong case that the company gives lifetime warranty to its customers. You can take your iPhone 6. This case fully seals your device to defend it from dirt and dust. The case is precisely cut out to enable users to access essential ports, buttons, and controls like Touch ID, cameras, speakers, power button, mute key, charge port, and volume buttons.

Fully sealed cover Check out on Amazon. Temdan has a more pragmatic design. Boasting top-notch waterproof rating, the case can protect your iPhone up to 20 feet deep in water that puts it a cut above than the rest. Aside from high-quality waterproof protection, the case delivers military-grade defense to your device as well. That means you will remain worried free about accidental falls and scratch as long as this case is on.

The inclusion of a kickstand allows you to watch media more conveniently in landscape mode. Furthermore, you get multiple colors to choose from like black and blue. Built-in kickstand Check out on Amazon. Unlike other waterproof cases, this one can be mounted on your vehicle. You will get a good view for driving navigation. To protect your phone against shocks and drops, Meritcase has used soft and durable TPU material around the case edge; this material endures shocks and impacts from accidental drops.

Submerge up to 6. Lycase waterproof case does not block sound your iPhone sends out. There is an audio-enhanced design at the bottom of this case; this delivers clear and original sound while you are playing music or talking to your loved ones. If you are passionate about water-sports and other outdoor activities, you should protect your iPhone with this waterproof case, which has a built-in screen guard with touch sensitivity.

Audio enhanced design Check out on Amazon.