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It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Doors level 24 for windows phone. I cant pass the level. Asked by: Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. Each dot has to have the number of how many lines touches it inside It seems that you are playing a game called doors for windows phone.

Every level has different ways to unlock the door. For level 20, Start Add your answer. Anonymous 0. Each dot has to have the number of how many lines touches it inside. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? For level 20 , Start with the arrow pointing upwards and single move then repeat the process to others. Let me give you the 21 to level 25 Level 21 Pick up the plank that is near the skirt then open the elevator then place the plank between Level 22 — This has no difinite answer but I suggest to keep turning the disc Level 23 — Check the mirror for the code, I mean face the phone in front of a mirror.

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Windows Phone The Doors Game Level 45

Utilize the magnifying glass with the flag of Japan country. Level 25 in doors, for windows phone, how i get pass it? To bypass on Doors 2 Level 52, you have to tap the square and avoid the bomb, you can repeat several times to remember all the bomb location. And for the bonus for level 53, tap the left floor to get the prism. You have to put the prism above on the stone button and rearrange the stone button same with the clue from prism. How to open doors level 52 on windows phone? Hello there, I found a video that has the detailed walkthrough on the puzzle you are currently working on.

Please check on the link and I hope that it answers your question. Someone said: It would be great to hear a verbal explanation to the logic used in solving the shown YouTube video. Was this comment helpful? Seems like the logic is, you start at the up arrow and then you go up one since you have a single chevron pointing up , then you move according to the next symbol you start on, so if you land on one that is pointing to the right with two chevrons, you move over two.

Thank you. Doors level 21 for windows phone? Anonymous "Then with 2 fingers open dlthe doors and with the third finger tap Level u have to use 3 fingers. Marjhone Casas. Hello, I think you should tilt your phone towards you and look down the door , the number appears if you gently tilt the phone forward and the number was Hope this help! How do you solve level 18 in doors for the windows phone? Hi,you must turn the clock that the baby go out and turn off the lamp then you can fix the time on clock,and open the door.

Level 16 on doors game for windows phone. Anonymous "Copying the color order ir the door Microsoft seems to believe they are loved because of their billion users. Great analogy. Kind of like getting herpes. Well you are the idiot. If they do go there they will most likely come out with a Windows PC. Get a broader viewpoint.

RSPs are doing the same thing for Android in mobile as they are doing for Windows in traditional computing. On a different note, you are an idiot to think that comparing a product to an STD is not flaming. Of course you took it seriously. You took it seriously because it makes sense. I compared the process of how people acquire Windows to getting an STD. Think about it. So every single iPhone 4 owner that lined up outside of an Apple store for a 4s for multiple hours was an informed consumer?

There are countless people that want Apple because they are being told by fanboys that they want Apple. A typical user has little to no clue what they want. That is the extent of what they know. There are obviously more types of people other than the dumb user but they are the masses or the sheep that are just led by the media.

Live from Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 5PM GMT

Obviously you cannot take the thought of the entire laptop ndustry being led by Apple sheeple as something reasonable as it will be an affront to your intelligence — for how can people who like to be cool and hip set the direction for nerds and geeks. They get attracted to Apple for a good reason.

The rest of the industry learns from this experience and strives to make something better. Not that this is good, but it is what it is. People want cheap, capable hardware, and open-source allows that to happen. Apple can afford it since they own the hardware. Apple forces upgrades but only if you want the latest and greatest, and thats after like years. The same cost advantage is the reason open source is growing throughout the rest of the world, even if closed software is basically given away.

Android is a development platform for carriers and handset manufacturers, not a computing platform for end users. Are you really that ignorant? Then load it onto your Nexus device and be happy. Do you even know what open source is? Open source, I. I do that with my nexus s and my Xoom using aosp android. Read that, suckah! No point in discussing this further with you. Have a nice day. Well said Jeff, the the f word comment at this stage of OS use is pointless, and mistakenly dismissive. Its not all about the desktop. Linux already dominates all other embedded markets.

Linux runs your phone, firewalls, routers, web servers, and whatever else…Now ask yourself why would a cloud computing company use MS tools, when they can build an Open Source Stack and support it themselves for free? Last I checked building yourself a cloud computing platform and supporting it is no where near free. They chose PHP for the same reason. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid..

NO WAY……. Terrible analogy. However, the analogy is bad because most folks actually DO like Windows. And like it quite a bit over any other OS. Saying otherwise is simply hiding under a rock…. No proof for that statement. It is a bit like saying people like Fords better than Mercedes.

Most people use Windows because they are forced to by their employer or lack of funds. Whether they like it or not is another matter entirely. I work in an environment where I get to see people switching from PCs all the time. Trust me when I say that most people and by most people I mean non geeks do not like windows at all. Their OS is demonstrably better. When people use it, they realize that.

Dooors Walkthrough Level 51-60 Update

Internet Explorer is getting destroyed by Chrome and Firefox, and that snowball is gonna keep rolling downhill. Erm, my mom bought a Mac and asked me to install Windows on it, which i did, after debating how much faster a good looking Mac is. I know Mac Office is an exception. Demonstrably better?

I doubt it. Having used every MS OS since 3. That might have been the case 10 or even 5 years ago, but it is no longer. How convincing. OS X has a far superior interface and internals than the mess of spaghetti code that is Windows. The Windows 7 UI is amazing. The NT kernel is quite good. Wake up and smell coffee. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that people love Apples products because their products are great.

The tendency everywhere is to attempt to second-guess the user, showing what the software thinks the user needs, and hiding everything else. Search is a poor substitute for a UI convention. Search also does you no good when MS capriciously renames features all the time. Search sucks as a menu system. Your straw man just got knocked down. There are many programs whose names do not imply what the program does. Humble yourself, dilettante. What do you want to do: Add a new user? Join a domain? Just type it. Plus, all the run commands: How does that analogy translate, when if fact, Windows 7 is superior to everything else out there in almost every single way?

I also think WP is as superior, but i am aware of some serious problems first and foremost, memory expansion. From finding help in case of the problem, to software availability. And has tons of malware, poor touch interface, only runs on x86, looks garish, lacks an app store, etc. Windows is trash. Malware problem is not nearly a problem as people make it out to be. Touch interface? On w7?

On all other point also, seriously? Touch interface on every version of real windows that has ever existed has been trash. I was not talking about tablets, i was talking about desktop OS. Windows 7 is a desktop OS. I like Microsoft just fine. Rather, I see two fundamental flaws that have hindered adoption:. Quoting Rober Scoble: Do they talk about Android? Yes, of course. Of course! Windows Phone 7? Hell no. Perfectly put!!!!!! Myself not as a Microsoft exec. Such a great device but no that no one knows about is almost self mutilation on the part of the company. You should put the kibosh on the multiple exclamation marks.

People buy what they perceive to be the best value on the market. Right now, iPhone and Android are perceived to be the best value. Microsoft problem is that they are a late-comer, and they have an uphill battle to establish a market presence. MS does have a couple of in-house technologies that they can leverage to their advantage: If they can do those two things well, then they will build a solid base. They were second in the last generation of consoles. They are second in the current generation and, even though they had a full year head start on Sony and Nintendo, trends suggest they might fall behind the PS3 by the end of the year and actually end up dead last in this generation.

This is dispite the huge failure rates from launch devices. During Black Friday Microsoft pushed out 1 million units.. IN 1 DAY! I think the question for XBOX.. They did both extremely well, but ultimately they are much less likely to convert an android or iPhone devotee than they are to capture a 1st-time smartphone user.

This means 3 things are needed: What I find ironic is that the carriers treating Microsoft in the US is them using their heft unfairly…. Which is exactly what Microsoft has done with a lot of the companies it deals with in other lines of business. This is a situation unique to the US where Carriers demand this level of control. This is why in Emerging markets where users have control the Microsoft Windows combination will be formidable. Both of the brands have amazing name recognition here and the users like them. That is a big reason WP7 has struggled.

Look at windows XP and Windows Mobile. I only tried a WP7 because I got it free. Try double clicking the Home button…. The problem with the back button on Android is that what you are taken back to is unpredictable. Most people are fashion-conscious in some form, and Microsoft is just not fashionable, Kinect notwithstanding. If there had been only one tire company for a decade or two, many people would indeed choose the competition as soon as it appeared.

Oh really and you have this based on what, anecdote? Did you sample the global population? Have you shown there to be a causal relationship between a hate for Microsoft and the buying of competing product in the global population? I have hardly ever met someone who likes Microsoft. As a matter of fact, we just had this discussion the other night. Win8 will roll out, whether people like it or not.

Just like changes to Facebook; everyone hates it until they have to change to the next new, but no one really wants to go back 2 versions even if they had the choice..

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You seem to forget the larger trends that fueled the iOS explosion. Namely, the unification of the mobile phone and portable music player platforms. If Apple had tried to create a phone before the iPod, it would have flopped. It was obvious that people were going to be carrying around mobile music players AND mobile phones. Rather than take the brute force approach that the rest of the market was merrily trudging along with hardware manufacturers creating myriad devices with specialized purposes for social, music, office, etc , Apple decided to capitalize the vapid portable music player space.

Moving to incorporate radio features was then an easy task that people wanted. Microsoft actually dominated the smartphone office-centric market until RIM came along and took another simple and too narrow, as their impending death has shown approach and said: Which made sense because most people use their mobile devices for consumption only.

These were all clues to Apple, and looking back, they are clues for us to see how Apple devised its strategy. Initially people were sold on the touch screen concept because it would make hardware design easier, and developers could do whatever they wanted with the completely open interface. But ultimately there is method to the madness of a consistent interface, and still the same struggle exists. Moreover, those interfaces that are empowered by touch-only are not productivity-friendly.

And this is where the Win8 benefit comes into play, combined with the natural unification of platforms that is coming down the pipe. For now, this predominantly-consumption-driven metaphor for mobility will suffice, but as it becomes more pervasive, so too will the need to be more productive.

And this is where Microsoft has been the undisputed winner. For most businesses to be productive, they need Windows. And no matter how productive Apple tries to make their iOS products, there is another high barrier to entry into the corporate space: What does Apple have in store for consumers on this front? Parental Controls. Having a single OS that spans all potential platforms means that everything a corporation has come to expect from managing Windows Desktops will natively just work for the new platforms.

Everything about the open ecosystem that MS built that led to their dominance in the PC era will stay true and keep them relevant. Microsoft as a brand is associated with computers. Computers are seen as complex, unreliable tools that require lots of expensive add-ons like software to be useful. Microsoft has had many phone products now and they have all failed, even the ones that provided a great deal of customization flexibility for carriers and device makers. During focus testing, the Xbox name was left on the list of possible names to demonstrate how unpopular the Xbox name would be with consumers.

Try http: Are you attempting to say that the people in this poll were only given one option? You think that same C. And please, I've maybe met three people other than you that considers the Android operating system to be "sexy. But it is not sexy. Android is a hella powerful and amazingly nice operating system, but I don't think it's a consumer-oriented OS. And no, I'm not a part of MS. No one in my family has a job at Microsoft. It seems that you're switching between Windows 8 and WP7 in the paragraph…I'll try to answer to both.

Windows 8: You have two arguments here. Let them stand by until it becomes extremely stable, thats OK. But then again, Microsoft gives away it's beta builds for free, so they are getting a lot of feedback for months, if not years, before the product is released. Still, I could care less if they wait until W9 to upgrade…all you're proving here is that Windows 8 is an extremely large change to Windows 7.

You're arguing that the Office feature on the phone is a problem because if people do their work on the go then the phone could get stolen and the IP taken. I'd like to ask you — have you ever used the voice recognition feature on Windows Phone? Or used Bing on Xbox with Kinect? Not to mention the amount of work Microsoft Research has done in the field of voice recognition http: Even apart from voice recognition, where's Apple's Kinect?

I doubt Apple could do anything like that either…I mean, while Apple's trying to make touch interfaces work, Microsoft's deleting the interface altogether. You should see the kids using Kinect in the microsoft store. You should see them using Surface or Windows Phone or the Touch mouse…these are the kinds of things that people never thought possible.

Microsoft did touchscreens a decade ago; now they've moved on. Oh, unless you're talking about how Siri "understands" what you're asking for when you ask it something like "what's the weather like in San Jose? Siri pulls all of it's fact-related answers from WolframAlpha. Microsoft has never innovated anything…. Innovation is… 1.

If you want to see innovation, http: Windows for Pen and Touch in the s. Must I go on? The entire office suite.. Products stolen from other companies want me to show you the lawsuits settled? Where SQL came from. Where Word Came from. AFAIK, there is none. If they sell the console as cheap as possible, people will buy more games and Microsoft gets more money, in the end, from that.

But ignoring that, yes they did. Even some 4 years before the iPad came out Bill Gates was saying that tablets were the future http: Now we have to wait and see for W8. See this news…. Wonder how much longer it will take MSFT to catch up? Who would want a fax to their phone…Someone already solved that..

Will launch Live Mobile T. The last great hurdle Live T. But once the iPod arrived, Average Joes and Janes began to take a second, third, and fourth look at Apple products. By the time consumers were done looking, they were the proud owners of several Apple devices. If Microsoft has any hope of getting back in the game, the company needs to release a gateway device that inspires consumers to care about Windows again.

Maybe Windows 8 will be that product. Maybe it will happen with the next Xbox. It is also possible that, just as Apple stunned the world with the iPod, Microsoft will release a new product that no one could have ever anticipated. But even if that were to occur, there is no chance that Microsoft will release an iPhone 5-killer in Ubuntu was supposed to be the answer, but even that has failed to catch on. Chrome OS sort of has an opportunity, but until the hardware comes down in price at least three-fold, people will choose Windows most of the time.

Microsoft has done well to establish themselves in this market but have crumbled in the cell phone market. People have a bajillion choices, why are any of the twenty phones you have worth more than the other bajillion minus twenty phones? Windows is not a poison word in the minds of most people who are in the market to buy a phone. He phrased it poorly, and took a roundabout path, but I think his ultimate point is correct. Now you want to put that experience on my telephone? No thanks! I agree completely. You are absolutely right.

I have several friends who own decent Android devices, they are not aware that they are not iPhones. The general public is clueless as to what they own technically and how it works. I happen to be a techie geek and early adopter. With Windows Phone Microsoft has taken a different approach. WP raises its middle finger at both the device manufacturers and mobile carriers. Ask yourself. And which Handset maker besides Nokia—and how relevant are they? You are a crack smoker along with the rest of the MSFT fan boys. Thanks for the personal attacks and suggestions of drug use. Have you ever considered writing coherent comments in reply to people instead of foaming rants?

It might make your points more convincing if they were phrased reasonably. A few years ago I started building my own Windows computers and have never had a problem with any of them. I trust them to make a decent OS. MS has addressed this problem. Give it a try. Windows for desktop — the only real alternative for the wide public is mac os. Desktop Linux is not an option. MS Office — now this is a product which does not have an alternative yet.

A very simple step, but difficult for MS to take. I hated Microsoft. If I had no prejudice I would loved them. Nobody wants to look like a fool, I meant PC … running Windows. I think what WP8 too late for WP7 is one arrogant and aggresive commercials campain with a dominant figure that everybody would like. I mean — like a lot. Apple has the retail presence that allows them to mold customer perception.

Microsoft is no longer a trendy company, as opposed to Apple. In the general public view, having an Apple product will make them more trendy, and as the aesthetics of the hardware agree with this popular notion, they go along with it. At least at first. I have two observations: I think your analysis of the market is interesting but your analysis of Apple is way off. They turn your model on its head FAR more than you give them credit for.

You mention that they cut the hardware manufacturer out, but they go past that and flip the balance of power away from the Carrier dominance you posit. So now they are the Device Manufacturer without the marketing disadvantage. They are ALSO the OS Provider without the middleman disadvantage, not only because they could make the Carrier do what they want but because iTunes established the first broadly successful direct relationship with customers to purchase add-ons apps, media, etc.

They may not own the customer contract, but they own the customer relationship in a way no one else does. Users neither know nor care about the speeds and feeds of iOS products, because they compete in a completely different way. One other thing to remember is that Apple has a direct point of contact with consumers that Microsoft, Google, and RIM lack: Both brick-and-mortar and online, they have the infrastructure in place to evangelize their products without resorting to any of the comparisons between devices and platforms that you would make in a traditional carrier store.

As long as the Apple brand carries an ethos that resonates with consumers, they will have a leg up in mindshare. We had two separate parties here this Christmas weekend and all we did was talk about apps. WP7 never even came up in conversations. All you have to do is watch TV to see why: Anything else? Not safe. Every conversation, every ad, and every Techcrunch post, er, Verge post, will remind them of where the apps are.

In UK for example BBM is all the rage, and where symbian is selling well it is brand loyalty to Nokia and years of ingrained user experience which is most valuable, not to mention long battery life. The main thing which negates your argument is that Android sales absolutely dominate iPhone sales, despite the smaller app market. While in the media circle you would be very left out by not having an iPhone, this obviously does not apply to the masses. And RIM and Symbian are in death spirals. Everyone watching this business knows that. Look at the results on this poll: Could the cost of the phone have any role, the distribution, the familiarity and trust of the Google brand name etc.

You assert that Android having a lower total app count indicates that apps are less important. Is there a Facebook app? Is there an app to facilitate navigation via GPS? Are there various other fun or interesting apps for people to play with? Are there apps for power users that let them monitor networks and remotely access them? Measuring the functionality available to different classes of users seems to be a better way.

I think both IOS and Android have this. A no one said apps were not important, but it is clearly far from the only thing. I hope we can agree on this. B The iPhone was successful before it had apps, as was the iPad. Windows Phone is ramping up apps much faster than Android. Apps clearly are not the predictor Scoble pretends it is.

Blackberry is well and truly alive in the uk mosty down to BBM and very competive contract prices, with there bbx coming its only going to get better. Symbian used to rule the market due to the intense variety of devices pushed by Nokia. Thats a staggering statistic. Its more from a usability perspective here than about apps. The average consumer of a smart phone is your college student and people just fresh into jobs. Their peers use Android devices and that goes a long way in shaping consumerism here.

College students graduate, and get jobs they pay them a decent salary in years. Those are potential consumers that can not be overlooked. I know poor people with an iPhone 4 and rich people with a flip phone…Its all personal choice! People are talking about apps on Android and IOS. Ever talked to a 20 year old sorority girl in college anywhere in the US, and asked her how market fragmentation in the Android world affects her life?

User experience is everything. Do you really think a guy on the retail sales floor can sell a WM7 phone as easily as an Iphone? Even an Iphone from two years ago? Sometimes, in some circumstances, not looking like an idiot may mean being able to BBM with the rest of your class, or having a phone which is still able to run 2 days after being recharged. My main argument is that Apps are not the whole story.

Would you buy a windows 7 tablet just because it had the most apps? This is how this works, your sitting at dinner playing a game like Words with Friends. You can obviously put any app in place of the one I used, but I have seen this happen many times. This is reality…. Dude, I am so glad I have never had the misfortune of landing at one of your parties. Good lord.

Where do I ever say party? The importance of apps overrides any problems caused by fragmentation. Users only care that they can run the apps they want. Fragmentation bothers developers, and therefore any users that get a subpar app because it was too hard or actually impossible to make a great app. Worse yet if it runs well on their friends phone, but not the new phone they just bought. As an Android developer, anybody that finds it too hard to male a great app is a shit developer. Good riddance. Not to mention how Windows Phone 7 is the ONLY platform that has a really great developer story and tools, but de-emphasizes apps to consumers at every turn!

The app story on WP7 is just one huge dissapointment after another, on Android apps ARE the story, the phone is basically nothing without them, iPhone is a bit better but still heavily relies on apps to make it a great experience and does it the best IMO. Thats how they should view the phone, useless without apps! I agree with you that the relatively weak app ecosystem in WP7 also plays an important part. I do not believe it is the most important reason and I think you are wrong in asserting it is.

For the record MY holiday party conversations were completely different from yours. In my case the conversations were about how much ATT sucks, how I could help them make the battery on their Droid last longer, and why iPhone rules because it has 4G I am not joking. In the group I was with there was no discussion of any apps other than my mother-in-law claiming Facebook is evil and should be banned from the earth.

So either your personal circle is more representative of the world, mine is, or using personal anecdotal party conversations is an insane way of measuring consumer behavior. Every conversation is different. I travel, so I have experience in this. The reason: Of the three market participants who are not the paying customer, who is positioned to add the most value to the product?

The manufacturers have not come up with a hardware-based value add that is strong enough to keep customers loyal. RIM gave it a shot but is now a dinosaur whose head has not yet gotten the message that the body has already died. And the carriers are doomed by lack of critical mass and, I would argue, the same capes limitations the. The world is still flat, meaning there is no cessation to change, our bleeding edge is tomorrows primitive ignorance. True the drone masses are followers and so if they are told its all about apps, then by golly they will parrot the thoughtless comment over and over.

Art and cult like followers carried Apple until the Ipod. At that point Apple was entering mainstream minds. Then the Iphone, boom another hit, further expanding into mainstream, and then boom! When Grandma who never cared to use a computer her whole life, now knows about and says she wants an Iphone, or Ipad, the trend has reached saturation point. But she believes she wants and needs an Iproduct. Its called a trend, trends come and go, and currents trends always seem to elude the masses as though it will last forever. The corporate players are smart enough to fool most people, spin and manipulation is how you keep locked up systems appearing non antitrust, and out of court.

Android is pushed by carriers, OEMs, and big retail. This is why its has low activation rates. It is a beautiful, smooth , easy to use, fast, powerful OS, with an original, modern UI. And Apple is now mainstream. MS is the underestimated underdog. Shunned by carriers…. What a load of dribble….. In Australia every telco has a wp7 handset for sale…… Still no one buys them! Is chess a simple game to master? Do smart people think about how to win a chess match? Do generals try to win wars? Do you think there are people want to get money? Smiling faces sometimes tell lies.

However being aware of things in the world is to pay attention. This article is basically talking about this. Google gives it away. Which is why the fact is missed in the first place. I do believe it is very important for the iPhones success among other reasons: Android on the other hand is being pushed by cell phone operators:. I like it because of the complete integration of Google Voice that saves money for texting.

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  4. But, that is a built in feature and I wonder the percentage of Google users set this up for texting etc.. Mr Scoble is one of the problems in this area. I think it has better and easier to use built in apps music hub, people hub, picture hub compared to android phones. I never saw one in person and wanted to check it out. The store is in Groton Connecticut and had a huge windows phone poster on the outside. I asked to see the windows phone and one after another they were showing me android phones.

    They even tried to bring out a Blackberry. She did mention that the New London store did have one and I could go there. A few weeks ago, I surely thought that the Walmart cell phone store would have something they could show me since they have many mobile operator choices and tons of phones on display: I think the main observation of the post is correct and people like Robert Scobile need to do a true analysis and get outside of their tech circle. After all, these are most of the people that buy phones.

    Can someone explain the app situation to me. What apps are missing from WP that would make it attractive to the masses? Could that be it? I am a power user and only once was disappointed to not find an app I wanted. Windows Phone is superior to iOS and Android. I have used all three and none of them equal the combination of design, grace, and fluidity of WP.

    The problem is perception. With these two entrenched, everyone who arrives late to this market needs to give a reason why satisfied smartphone customers should switch to their product. Dismissing this as a perception problem that can be fixed with better marketing is denial more than anything else. Whether you believe it to be intentional, cultural, right, wrong, or just business, they have made decisions over the years where their were losers. Google did not try to change the cell phone industry yet. They decided to play within the existing model. Which, as your article has illustrated, has left them with massive update and compatibility problems.

    Apple had the first mover advantage and a reputation for having a vision and the tenacity to make it a reality. They have changed the model. That change scares the cell phone industry and they are resisting making the same concession to consortiums of companies Android, WP7.

    4 Pics 2 Words Answers for Windows Phone

    I think that Microsoft will have a hard time over coming this unless they make the hardware see Apple and XBox. Google appears to see this with their purchase of Motorola. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft does too. Apple never really excited me even though I use a mac for work and own 3 iPhones. Android is getting better and better. Not a big deal. Temporary, variable statistic. Windows Phone 7 feels bulletproof, solid and consistent.

    Weak marketplace? Another temporary, variable statistic. What they choose may depend what style they may be attracted to; typography, tron, playskool I bet all of you can figure out what those 3 are , or what they use the device for. Thanks Charlie, I agree that retail professionals play a much bigger role than what the tech commentary gives them credit for. The truth is a lot of purchase intent is still walking through carrier stores, where the sales professionals will definitely push an Android phone on you first and then retreat to the iPhone as a last resort.

    The carriers have already seen what happens when you give Apple runaway control over the user experience and brand, so that window has effectively closed for WP7 to follow such a confrontational strategy towards the carriers. I tried to port it to WP7, I really did. I knew going in that I was going to have to rewrite the UI portion. I think I was actually fortunate that I had written a custom control that was actually pretty close to the widgets that debuted in WP7. After a week or two or wrestling with it, I just gave up. There were no developer books, I had to pick up bits and pieces on the Internet.

    They even changed how you read a file so everything was asynchronous. Android is not a computing platform. Android is a development platform. So, comparing Android to iOS is the wrong argument to make. Microsoft is a blunt instrument, and its approach to the mobile space is no different than its approach to the PC space. I know I see those Windows stickers on laptops all the time, they must mean something, no?

    Windows Phone is Superior; Why Hasn't it Taken Off? |

    So why is it a surprise that they do that with mobile phones. Microsoft may very well deliver a good enough OS to the mobile space, but who is the customer? Who does that appeal to in large numbers to make a dent in the market? Apple is taking all of the money off the table and iOS developers are making some nice bank off the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Also, who does Android appeal to? I also have it on good authority that Microsoft pushed HP to dump webOS into open source to 1 remove a competitor, and 2 clear the way for HP to make Windows 8 tablets. Price is. And with iphone and android eating up all ends of the subsidies market, where can w7phone fit in? Metro OS is 4 years late to the party. You can say all you want about the superiority of Metro UI.

    The only way to break out of a Bad Cycle is to not play the Game. Give up on the App Store. Give up on Nokia. Steve Jobs picked Tim Cook, a logistics genius, so that Apple would never be out-manufactured and out-priced. Google is undergoing a complete sea change by incorporating as much Apple DNA they can—namely as little hierarchy as possible, as small as possible. Not without a lot of hurt for very little reward. The way forward is to go back to basics. Make everything Good first. New Operating System for Phones. New Marketing. New Focus. Play a different game.

    Microsoft Metro OS. Adveritise the hell out of this. No more text based Operating Systems. You need users. You need apps. Exchange OS? The point here is to grab marketshare. There is no time to do or worry about anything else. The next thing is to play dirty and stall for time.

    Sue Google a lot. Use Other people to sue Google. Play google against apple and vice versa. As for apple, the best way to gut them is make their strengths into weaknesses. Hire away their best people. Offer one of them, not just money, but power. Think about how attractive being CEO of Microsoft would be. Steve Ballmer can step down and be a board member, if it meant gutting apple of top executive talent.

    Remember, top level talent have their own cadre of loyal people. So for one CEO position you get an entire team. This is basically Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The winner inherits the world. It did become a 3 country race at the end and as expected, the strongest, more ruthless country won in the end.

    The underdog, the runt, could not keep the pace and was destroyed. There are 6 more months till carriers start pricing phones to be more attractive to the feature phone market. Your argument starts falling apart at the point where you say the following about users: If you perhaps gave the customers who bought your products more credit, Microsoft might have been more successful in the smartphone market.

    MSFT is irrelevant in the 21st century. Ask yourself WHY? How does this argument square with the model in Europe, where in most cases it is the HW maker who is doing the advertising? Ahhh pretty sure the carriers would love nothing more than to have Microsoft be a powerful number three so it would keep the other guys honest. MS does not give the finger to OEMs and gives them the spec, because they are way too good… but rather because Windows Embedded Compact 6.

    On the iPhone, very app is a first class citizen… YouTube is no better than DailyMotion… only iPod, Safari, Mail and now Siri and Newstand are given special treatment… that was a known fact to Google… so they started making apps for iPhone so they could learn the new mobile spectrum….

    And so does my dad, my girlfriend, my mom…etc… Granted, not everyone has had the option to play with everything out on the market today, but, at least for me, some of us do, and we continue to recommend different products based upon usage. I take into effect the uses that the person will use. Do you need email? A physical keyboard? Gmail fan or corporate? Need Outlook Calendar integration? Music player? Or just a phone to have fun with that actually makes calls and texts? I also love Gmail and Dropbox. This may sound like a huge repeat, but here goes again.

    I recently threw out my Focus for the iPhone 4S, and believe me, when I go on hikes, being able to photosynth panoramas and share them on FB is a killer deal.

    Available on

    Apps do matter: Quite a big deal when I want to quickly go back and control ACLs on my past posts, or look at who liked my comments. Once more — you may argue FB is unimportant. Then why is WP integrating it? Yelp app sucks. Try searching for something in downtown Seattle and not knowing which direction you should go. No clear upgrade story: When I bought my Focus in Feb , I was told more features are coming. What that meant is — newer models are coming. I only used the Focus 4S so I could make first-hand comments, having used both for a few months, lest I be accused of hearsay.

    This has nothing to do with me being a fanboy of anything. I think you are too much into the thickets. The primary reason Android is most successful is because it is free. That is why everyone pushes it. Everyone makes more money on free. Google was able to keep Android free because of all round IP stealing. The chances of that are pretty good. Oracle has a pretty watertright case. They have an email where the Android engineers clearly say there is no viable alternative to Java, and that Google should license it. It fooled no one. If Android is no longer free, it becomes a more level playing field.

    Microsoft can keep going as a company without phone revenues. Apple cannot. This is the key issue. admin