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Aliens game. As the game progresses, you will see a lot of cows and aliens flooding your screen. Knowing which cows to get or prioritize can earn you a lot of points, and probably save your game. This is because not all cows are created equal. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. PC Games.

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Cows vs Aliens – Cheats

Look for the game app on your device. It has an app icon with a cow on it. Tap on it. Identify the basic cows. The game always starts with a handful of basic cows.

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Each basic cow you get to the barn earns you 1 milk point. Identify the Golden Calf.

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Every now and then, a golden cow will mix with the cows. When you see it, get it to the barn quickly to earn some bonus milk points. A Golden Calf earns you 10 milk points.

Identify the Magic Cow. You may also see a blue cow with a big star on it. This is the Magic Cow.

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When you get it to the barn, it pulls all the cows on the field to the barn. Maximize the opportunity by waiting for more cows to come into the field so you can pull more of them in.

How to Know the Different Cows and Aliens in Cows vs Aliens

Aliens will be left on the field. Identify the Dynamite Bull. The aliens will ask you for a certain rank of cow, and higher rankings will allow the aliens to give you more rubies as payment. Choosing the option will get you diamonds, while choosing the latter will get you the aforementioned cow in the cow store for free.

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