Can you play dice with buddies on windows phone

If you want you can save your dice in the save bar. Left swipe to save all dice. Again, here you can choose the background you like in order to make your game process even more enjoyable. When you go to the settings you can see a pattern of colors to chose from. You can also choose a side to launch a dice and turn off the sound effects if you wish, All in all, this game is simple and playing it is easy and relaxing.

This app will make the dice game feel as real as possible.

15 Best Dice game apps for Android & iOS | Free apps for android, IOS, Windows and Mac

You will get any kind of dice you want. You will also get the full set RPG dice: You can move your dice by gadget shaking, touching the screen with your finger or double tap. You can also tilt your device and the dice will also move there is a customizable gravity strength. There is also a possibility to pause and resume the simulation. If you want to block a die or to change its color then hold your finger on it.

All the results of your throws will be saved in the game history. There are also many possibilities to chose the background. And the live wallpaper is possible to be added here. Unlimited dice can be added, it depends on your device.

2. Pictionary

Of course, there are sound effects when dice collide or when you get your results. Swipe up or down with two fingers to hide the upper and lower interface. So this game is a dream come true for all dice fans! A classic game which allows you to enjoy all the fun of tossing physical dice without all that pesky math and adds a few tricks of its own. The distinctive feature of this game is when you toss the dice it leaves a trail of fire, steam, etc.

All you have to do is to combine all of the dice needed, numerical bonuses, sounds, and other information into a single combo die that makes appropriate sound effects. When you throw it, it dissipates into the multiple dice.

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You have several options to create the dice from. As always there is a possibility to choose a color for a die. Here you almost do not have limits while creating the dice of your dream, you can choose any features to personalize it as much as possible. The app will make all the math actions for you. If you want to save your combo die then click on the Character List. The sound effects are classical and there is no limitation for the number of dice which can be thrown simultaneously.

What is more, the interface of the app is extremely good-looking and catches your eyes as you launch the app. This app will give you a chance to play dice with all your friends. Actually, not only friends — you can play with random people if you want and it does not matter if they are a thousand miles away from you. This free dice game consists of 13 rounds with the scorecard having 13 categories.

You can roll the dice 3 times in each round and chose the way the scores will be defined. If this way was used before it cannot be applied one more time. In order to win, the player has to roll 5 different kinds of dice and get 50 scores.


Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus dice rolls and activate the bonus roll if you want some extra scores. You also have a chat when you play with your friends and you also can place with them on Facebook. Level up your frame. This dice game is remarkable for its fun interface. Those who prefer everything extraordinary will definitely appreciate it. All dice are colorful and you can play with your friends! To start the game, use the shaker to roll the dice. You have 10 rounds in total and your goal is to win as many scores as possible.

Each round starts with you throwing 6 dice. After each round scores are summed and added to the previous scores. Afterwards, either ends your turn at that time and bank the score for that round or continue to throw the remaining dice. So try to be better than the others. All rules are classic. You can play with random people or alone in the offline mode. You will find this app extremely addictive in each way. All in all, the app contains a lot of possibilities to make the game extremely exciting and multi-functional so everyone can select what they like.

This is another version of a dice game. In the multiplayer mode, you have to gain more scores than your opponent, which means you have to gain nearly scores. You have 6 dice. In order to bank the points for your score, you need to accumulate at least points. If you have not got a combination Farkle you get 0 points. The rules of this game are not exactly easy but as you understand the process you can master it. Create your account to put your name on the list of players. You have a green table background like a poker table and the scoreboard on the upper side of your screen.

It shows your best points, prize, goal, power dices and time limits.

One essential feature of this game is that you can stake and chase the desirable number of scores. All the combinations of dice you get are displayed on board. In the end, you can see the list of your goals and achievements and also the best players in this app. The most exciting dice game ever! Refresh your memories of the childhood with this app and set it in the way you want.

Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy and American Yatzy modes will capture you for long hours where you can play alone or with a team. It is not a problem if you are new to this game — there are 3 levels of difficulty and also the notes, which will help you to make a progress in this game. You can practice your skills playing in the learn mode or with other players from the different countries of the world. If you like risks try Game IO mode. This app is one of the most popular dice apps.

You can start your journey from the Noob Alley, play online games, stake, get IO scores and soon you will be a Titan on the Passage of Titans. Compile your own list of friends, add there friends and family or meet new people all around the world. Your friends will support you on the way to the victory. There is also an online chat where you can hold discussions. You can also use the Bluetooth to connect and play with your friends. Get everyday online bonuses and set the timers for online modes. You have an access to the game history and the global board of achievements.

If you want you can share your records on every social network and, moreover, the graphics and sound effects are quite decent. Prime Dice is the app created with the realistic 3D graphics to get the dice game as close to the real life as possible. It contains the whole range of dice more than 12 kinds which is enough for any table game. The setting is very convenient which make the gaming process feasible and fun. Again you can imagine and create your type of dice, choosing color, shape, etc.


What is more, you can use pictures from your gallery to design the dice. The number of dice which can be thrown at once is not limited, so you can throw them simultaneously or one by another. If you want you can save the sets of dice which you created. The app includes such options as a bonus, exploding, penetrating, drop lowest, take highest, target count, re-roll ones.

Besides, you can choose the size of the dice so they would be suitable for the screen of your device. In this game, you have 7 different tables with different backgrounds and dice. Yatzy Ultimate is available in 8 languages: Seavus is a software development and consulting company with a proven track-record in providing successful enterprise-wide business solutions, covering the European and US market from several offices in the world. We serve over 3, customers worldwide, with the knowledge and the skills of over ICT experts.

15 Best Dice game apps for Android & iOS

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