Iphone 5 memory size recommendation

Getty Images via daylife. This decision is important because these models do not have a slot for an external memory card like many competing phones such as Samsung Galaxy S4.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone

A phone has two kinds of memory. Consumers do not get to choose the amount of RAM.

Skimping On iPhone Memory Can Cost You Later

Consumers can choose the amount of storage memory. Three accelerating trends are memory hogs. Second, consumers are shooting more HD videos. Third, apps and especially games are becoming more graphic intensive and thus consume more memory. It is pretty easy to fill up 16GB. Apple charges a lot for extra memory. Google GOOG android phone manufacturers do not have their heads buried in the sand. In upgrading or buying for the first time, one of the decisions a buyer needs to make is about the size of storage memory.

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There are also Apple Music playlists you can download for offline listening, Netflix video downloads , 4K video recording and high-resolution photos. Add those to everything else and 32GB might feel like 16GB all over again. If you hardly ever found yourself clearing space from your 16GB iPhone, however, the 32GB is most likely just right for you.

iPhone 7 storage options: Why 32GB is likely not enough

At first GB may seem overkill. That's eight times the amount of space the 16GB iPhone has! Even though it was once considered to be a luxurious amount of storage, GB is most likely the sweet spot going forward.

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It provides enough space to keep a healthy Photos and Music library on the iPhone, without forcing you to pick and choose what gets to stay and what gets deleted. If you snap a lot of photos, and record a lot of 4K video, the GB will ensure you don't have to worry about running out of storage.

If your phone is your lifeline to the outside world, holding work documents, photos, movies, videos, songs, apps and games, this is the phone you're looking for. But that's also likely because I rely on cloud storage quite a bit. Remember that. Apple doesn't offer an option with expandable storage, so what you buy now is what you're stuck with two-years from now. Break that down with one of the carrier leasing programs and it's only a few extra dollars a month.

In the end, avoiding a headache of constantly managing storage is well worth the extra cost.

As expected, the average photo size varies massively. It all depends on the camera resolution, the settings used, and the detail of the photos you are taken. For a rough estimate, most photos on modern day devices will average out around 5MB in size. Videos are another important element to consider. If you have limited space, you can always change the settings in the camera app to lower the resolution. In this example, however, we will be basing our data on Ultra High Definition videos.

Streaming services make it very easy to listen on the go. Some apps are just a few MB, whilst others can take up more than 1GB.

How much storage do you really need on your phone?

Streaming services have once again removed the necessity to download movies for watching on the go. Now you are read to round it all these patterns up and find out an estimation on how much internal storage you should go for. You can find the most recent smartphone releases at giffgaff. Once on a dedicated page for each smartphone, you can then choose the different storage options. Keep in mind that each smartphone will have different storage models available.

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You can also find information about whether each smartphone supports a MicroSD card by looking at the specifications page. Below we have provided an example of the iPhone 7 Plus, which does not have support for microSD cards. Take note of the first number - 32GB this shows the internal storage size. The second number up to 2TB shows the maximum capacity microSD the phone can support. You will need to purchase the microSD card separately.