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Similar Threads. By poshea in forum TomTom Discussions. How to install Garmin on Smartphone Windows Mobile 6. Posting Permissions. Latest Posts. Is Djeman the author of R-Link Explorer? Today, I tried updating my nuvi after Hi there, I have a Nuvi42 and it's my first time How to update maps [South Africa] You will find answers to your question on the Hi Christian great article, thank you. Using the queapi. I actually didn't get to test much of the navigation features of Garmin at that point.

From what I remember I made the wrapper and tested basic features of it, mostly wrapper specific. But isn't using a postal code good enough? Coz apparently the town is called Gladsaxe.

Hi Christian Wow - fast response: However, it has turned out to be rather picky with the city names in plain English: No city name, no hit! Well, at least I am not the only one in the world to use the API although it is very hard to find people who are using it for the PC version. Thanks again Best regards Robert. Hi Christian So, Garmin came back to me with a not too surprising response: Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe. With regards to your email below, to the mobile PC software we don?

We can only support the mobile PC as the normal package.

How To Install Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile Phone | ctrl+v

If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. Alternatively you can search for a solution here: So the good news: Best regards Robert. Christian, This is awesome.

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Thank you. It looks like just what I need, but I am having 1 problem: When I run the software, OpenNavigator connects without an error, but all navigate functions return the invalid version error.

Garmin Mobile XT Italia on HTC

Has anyone else run into this? I migrated the code to VS 9 and compiled the Garmin.

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Native project to WM5 so it runs on device. Thanks for any help. Hi Dave, I don't think I've ever experienced getting a version error. I remember that the garmin mobile xt application should be running before you can execute navigational commands. Have you tried contacting the Garmin support on this? Problem 1: Install Garminxt software in your application, without a software Sdk will not be able to Communicate Garmin. Installation Steps.

How to install garmin mobile xt to windows ce 6, 5?

Problem 2: You have to Launch Garmin First. Problem 3: Cannot find Garmin. Put Garmin. Currently there is only NavigateToCoordinate Function available in it.

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  4. I want to Pass Mulitple Destination in it. Sorry for my limited english, Thanks in advance Ed. Hi Cristian! Thanks again for you help, best regards Ed. Just wondering if anyone here has this and would be willing to send it to me. Please and thank you. It's been around 5 years since I last played with it. Hi Christian this is a very great tutorial. I have downloaded your solution and run it on Windows Mobile 6.


    Does it mean windows mobile 6. I know it sounds like a silly questions, appreciate your help. Post a Comment. This blog is dedicated to the art of building software. This time I'm gonna discuss how you can integrate a. Before we can get more into detail, we will need the following: For that reason we need to create a native DLL that exposes the methods that we need as C type funtions.

    Let's call this Garmin. These tasks will be performed on a native wrapper and which will be called from managed code. This error information is translated to a. NET Framework enum which we will see later. Before making any calls to the API, you first need to Open it.

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    Once open, you can start executing a series of methods and then once you're done you must Close the API. The Garmin Mobile XT has to be running before you can execute commands to it, otherwise you will get a communication error. This is a callback method that receives the information about the application state. You can use this for making callbacks from native to managed code. You can pass a delegate method from managed code to the native methods that expect QueNotificationCallback as a parameter.

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